iOS 5 Beta 3 features AirPlay Support for FaceTime Video Calling

Update 1: iOS 5 Final version has been released for Download and Jailbreak - Click Here

New feature of Third Beta iOS 5 has been activated which discovered by TiPB. This feature includes Streaming support of AirPlay for FaceTime video calling. It enables users to display video calls straight away on a large screen TV so that people in a larger group can view it easily.

If this makes it into the final release — and not everything does — it’ll be fantastic for families and businesses alike.
The ability to easily start a video call and beam it onto the big screen is compelling. Whether it’s grandpa and grandma, or the team in England, it takes FaceTime from a small, personal experience to a big, group experience at the touch of a button.
This new AirPlay feature is useful for video calling in group settings.

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