iOS 5 Beta 3 Brings Support For AirPlay Mirroring Of FaceTime To Apple TV2G

By  at Wednesday, July 13, 2011  

Update 1: iOS 5 Final version has been released for Download and Jailbreak - Click Here

Less than two days ago, Apple released iOS 5 beta 3 for developers. It soon got in to their hands and we started hearing about what's new in iOS 5 beta 3. We know that iOS 5 beta 1 brought AirPlay mirroring for the iPad, now iOS 5 beta 3 allows you to mirror FaceTime calls to Apple TV 2G as well.

Though for you to use AirPlay mirroring, you must have iOS 5 beta 3 installed on both your iPad and your Apple TV 2G, without that, this won't work.

When the previous betas got out, many people tried AirPlay mirroring and posted good reviews about it. However, there was one little drawback. AirPlay mirroring didn't support FaceTime, meaning that your calls could not be viewed on the big screen via AirPlay. Now Apple addresses that concern with iOS 5 beta 3, which brings FaceTime AirPlay mirroring support.

It remains to be seen whether the final version of iOS 5 will bring AirPlay mirroring support of FaceTime to end users, but if it does, it is definitely going to add a whole new dimension to video calls made using FaceTime.

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