Install iOS 5 Beta 3 Without Devleoper Account - iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad

Update 1: iOS 5 Final version has been released for Download and Jailbreak - Click Here

Apple has launched iOS 5 Beta 3 couple of days ago but it was only for developers, So all iPhone users are desperately waiting for official iOS 5 for public, but if you want to run iOS 5 beta 3 you must register a developer account with Apple. Now, we have got new way to install iOS 5 beta 3 without having a developer account. You don't need to wait anymore.

How to install iOS 5 beta 3 on your iPhone:

Step 1: First you will need to boot your iOS device and strike on "slide to setup".

Step 2: A language selection bar will popup, then you have to press 'Home Button' three times and it will come up with Voice over, then again press 'Home Button' three times for the purpose of bringing Emergency Call.Bump it to call.

Step 3: After this,you will need to call 112 for call screen to visible.Strike the 'contacts' button promptly to pass over the screen.

Step 4: Select Home button ,Viola! you are done and now you have successfully activated your iPhone.

iPhone Tutorial has done now ,Find below the Guides of  iPad and iPod touch.

How to install iOS 5 Beta 3 on your iPad and iPod Touch:

Step 1: First of all,you will need to reinstate your iPad/iPod touch to iOS 5,then Put your device in recovery mode.

Step 2: After doing this,you will need to unplug your iPad/iPod touch from Pc or Mac,turn it off,after that plug it and switch your iPad/iPod Touch on.

Step 3:When you have done it,The next step is to press the Power button when the setup menu window popups saying 'iPad' or 'iPod' in order to deal your iPad and iPod in sleep mode,then switch it on.

Step 4: Now instead of appearing iOS 5 setup screen,you will see standard iOS bubbles,then you will need to press home button three times to bring up voice over.

Step 5: Make your device to unlock and observe the time located at the top right corner,strike on it.When your device starts 'talking' then move your three fingers down from status bar in order to bring up Notifications center.

Step 6: You will need to strike the weather widget before pressing the Home button,and your system must be accessible entirely.


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