How To Get Google+ Invites Right Now

You probably be aware of google’s+ service , but this service currently “invites” only, innumerable invitations send causing google to temporarily block new invites.There has some effective ways to be able to send invites.

This method takes some hidden features that allows invitations sent to email addresses chosen by user’s.Below here find how to do it:

1. First,draw a circle named “invite” and include email address in it but remember to add people who must have gmail accounts.

2. Make a post and allocate it to the invite circle only.Make sure ,don’t make it publically view to everyone just members of the “invite circle.

After going through above steps invitations will be sent to the users selected by you . Make it as early as possible ,since google expectedly mark this issue and lodge it in a matter of hours. Google+ is the latest and advanced social networking attempt after failure success of Buzz and Wave.Google is undoubtedly on the right path to make this a hit,even though its too early to tell.

Next time someone asks you for an invite, just add them to a circle and let them be part of the experience.

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