How to Get Gmail New Look

Google+ came out to the world as new social networking attempt. It was having a new look that was somewhat unusual of Google , orange buttons and dark toolbar.It is now revealed that the sites will be having a new look under the brand of Google. Now commence with Gmail that has Google+ skin:

Additionally,user’s interface buttons appears to be more visible and larger in the new colour scheme.

Like Gmail theme this new look is in preview mode:

Step 1: Open your Gmail account and click the gear buttonon the right top corner at the page.then click ‘settings

Step 2: Scroll over to ‘themes’ tab and hit the theme named preview.’Now new theme is functionall.

This new kinda theme has little more screen space that requires some sort of little scrolling,even though in my opinion it is unreleted.If you get tired of hving new feature look then you can either go back to use Bold Blue or the previous theme you were using till now.

After the failure success of Ping and Wave Google+ symbolizes their new attempt in the social networking space.Presently,some features of it includes +circles ,an advanced way of managing friends and informations available to them.Other is invite-only service, represents friend social network and human interactions, and +Hangouts, Dynamic multi person video conferences.

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