How Much are iOS Users Worth to Apple?

Apple is now the most lucrative company in competition with other companies.In the previous quarter,the company acquired amazing earning results led by sales of iDevice products.It is undoubtedly no secret that Apple is doing some sort of things with their iPhone and iPads.

But it is not only the concept of Gadgets but the entire ecosystem has been established by Apple surrounded with these iOS products like an App store,and Music store etc.Do you know how much money is being made off by Apple of these purchase.

The calculation is very simple.Horace Dediu of asymco ,estimated the income generated from sales of 200 million iDevices and divide it among the projected 180 million users.He inferred that each user spends approximately 150$ each year in an average lifespan of 3.5 years per device.

It is estimated that iOS devices generates $27 billion dollars of revenue per year. And it is solely with 180 million users.When that number exceeds to 500 million users ,then we can judge that it will come up with roughly $74 billion dollars a year in reiterating revenue.

So what do you think ?Are you gonna spend more than $150 a year on music and apps?.

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