Hide Your Mail With HiddenMail in iPhone

Now you don’t have to worry about the security of your mailboxes in iPhone. This is made possible with the efforts made by Moeseth, who had developed a new tweak called HiddenMail. The work of the app is to make mailboxes hidden. Whenever the person opens the mailbox it totally seems like as if it has not been synced with iTunes box yet. So you don’t have to be careful in letting your friend check you iPhone.

This tweak will help your secret mails hidden from everyone who are not allowed to access your mails. To use this app is very easy, you just have to press thrice on the screen and your mail box will hide showing the default mail screen to the user. This default mailbox screen will not allow you to add account to but it will make your messages secure.

This marvelous app can be downloaded from cydia under BigBoss repository.

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