Foxconn To Replace Humans With 1 Million Robots In Next 3 Years

By  at Sunday, July 31, 2011  

Apple's prime manufacturer of the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, Foxconn has revealed that they plan on replacing human workers with over 1 million robots in 3 years. Foxconn also manufactures components for Nokia, Samsung etc and currently has 10,000 robots working in its facilities.

Does anyone remember that US Senator who was criticizing Steve Jobs for manufacturing the iPad in China with Foxconn and potentially depriving the USA of hundreds and thousands of potential jobs? Well, when Foxconn's transition to 1 million robots is completed within the next 3 years, there's going to be a huge impact on the job market in China. As of now, Foxconn employs 1.2 million people.

According to Foxconn, these robots will do simple tasks such as spraying, wielding and assembling. However, robots will replace those humans who currently do these tasks at Foxconn hence potentially depriving them of their jobs. What's more feasible for Foxconn? Expensive to maintain robots or salary demanding human employees?

It looks like Foxconn has made up its mind. How will those workers who will get laid off react to this? We'll update you on this as soon as we hear more.

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