Fix iOS 4.3.3 JailbreakMe Hole with PDF Pacther2

Everyone is aware of the release of long awaited JailbreakMe 3.0, that is untethered and is based on PDF exploit different from the previous version by There is one thing common that both the jailbreaks do no require the iPhone, iPod, or iPad to be connected with the computer, you only need to have an internet connection so that you can jailbreak your iDevice. At the same time the wizard from the jailbreak association has been successful in preserving the jailbreak. It not only preserves the jailbreak but also prevents restricted users, so that they could not launch a dangerous PDF.

The patch in the same way is very easy to be install on your iDevice. To install this PDF patcher, simply launch your Cydia and search for “PDF Patcher2” and install it. But you must be well aware of that your device is jailbroken on iOS 4.3.3.

This is the first untethered jailbreak solution to iPad 2 till yet. But this jailbreak is not only restricted to iPad, but it can also be applied to iPod, iPhone running ios 4.3.3.

Apple is already working to sort out this issue by preparing to release new iOS 4.3.4 that is said to be the final version of iOS4, before the beta free versions of iOS 5. This one is the foremost priority for the apple to preserve its other customers from this PDF Exploit. I advise you that you do not upgrade to iOS 4.3.4 and stay on iOS 4.3.3 but installing “PDF Pacther2” because it will preserve jailbreak.

This jailbreak is very easy, you just have to open Safari, go to website and when the web page opens, simply click on free and within few minutes your device will be jailbroken.

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