Facebook (Mark Zukerberg) is the Most Followed Person on Google+

Google has introduced its latest and improved social network named ‘Google+’.Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg is very famous and now he is the most followed person on Google+ that is a challenge to Facebook.The very interesting thing is that Mark Zuckerberg has excelled on Google’s current owner Larry Page which is amazing.

Techcrunch has captured this Google+ stats explaining that Facebook CEO Mark Zukerberg having 21,213 followers which you can see ranked no 1 in the above picture.Google’s current CEO Larry Page has 14,798 followers that is ranked no 2.Similarly,Google social czar Vic Gundotra is at 13,783,Co Founder of Google Surgey Brin has 11,629,Blogger Robert Scoble has 11,389,Google spam avenger Matt Cutts 9,153,TWIT founder Leo Laporte 7,566,Google’s Bradley Horowitz 7,187,Techcrunch’s MG Siegler 6,579 and blogger Gina Trapani 5,649 is ranking consecutively.

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