Download PayPal v3.4 App for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

PayPal has now updated iOS app with new features that makes it more convenient and painless in order to manage your PayPal account from iDevice. It has compatibility with your iPod, iPhone and iPad, it helps you to send the money to your friends and managing your account conveniently. This PayPal app is awesome rather than using ATM or writing checks.

Some features of Paypal App described below:
  • You can send money easily as gifts and collect money for a group gift.
  • You can check yor balance,withdraw funds and see previous transactions anytime.
  • Capture a picture of check as it will add money from your iPhone directly,there will be no fees.
  • Hit to exchange contacts and send money.
What’s New in PayPal App v3.4:
  • All app features displayed on one page
  • Transaction history details are now just a tap away
  • Improved filtering of your transaction history
  • Other user experience enhancements
Download Paypal App for iPhone,iPad and iPod Touch.

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