Dispute Ends And Apple Finally Gets Ownership Of iPods.com Domain

By  at Sunday, July 31, 2011  

Quite recently, a dispute had arisen when Apple had suddenly decided to purchase the iPods.com domain from its owner who apparently was not happy with the sum Apple was offering, and wanted more. Needless to say, Apple filed a complaint with the WIPO and was finally granted official ownership of the iPods.com domain name.

It was back in early May when Apple formally lodged a complaint with the World Intellectual Property Organization over the dispute regarding iPods.com domain name. The finer details haven't been disclosed yet but it has been confirmed that the Organization has granted Apple legal ownership of the domain.

We've seen Apple may millions of dollars for domain names important to the company. Take for example, iCloud.com, a domain name that cost the company $4.5 million and they needed it for their new service, which is iCloud. It was not known what amount was offered by the company for iPods.com domain, but whatever it was, the previous owner didn't consider it to his liking.

Looks like this time Apple bagged a domain it want in merely a bunch of thousands of dollars rather than millions. In your opinion, what domains is Apple most likely to sought out to buy?

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