Charging iPhone 5 Wirelessly?

There is another one who keeps us updated with the rumors related to the upcoming apple devices. The Wall Street journal claimed that the upcoming iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S will be totally different from iPhone 4 in respect to its structure (will be lighter and slim than iPhone4). The other advent will be in the sense of major changes. The new iPhone will have 8-MegaPixel camera and the A5-processor used in iPad 2. If these changes will be absent in new iPhone, it will not be different from iPhone4.

The other hot news was that Apple is working on the new cheaper iPhone to target more customers in the market, said by a person who has talked about the plans of Apple. He also claimed that the new iPhone was supposed to be launched in this summer, but due to delay in production, its launch was put in September. A new rumor is that Apple is planning to charge the upcoming iPhone without plugging it with cord.

If we talk about the rumors related to iPhone 5, they feel inconsistent till its launch. If we talk about iPhone 6 that will be launched in 2012 then there may be a little truth in it. But you should not take these rumors so seriously. Charging your iPhone without cord is a bit true because apple has taken its first step by letting the iPhone sync without attaching it with your laptop.

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