Charge Your iPad On Way With Solar Bag

In these days, battery has been one of the most noticeable features of portable devices, mostly for iPad. The battery timing of the latest ipad2 is maximum 10 hours for using it. If you are on a long journey and have a lot of work to be done, then you would like to have extra battery timing for your jobs to be done.

There is a solution to this problem that is not good in its look but excellent in its usage. A bag is made by Element5’s Swiss Made named as Mini L Solar bag that is specially designed for iPad2. Keeping in view the usage and battery time of iPad, this company designed bag that can charge your iPad with Solar Energy on your way. You need not to stay at some specific place and look for a plug to charge your iPad. You can do it with the help of solar energy that keeps your iPad safe as well.

It is not sure about the expected charging time of this solar bag but the price of this marvelous accessory for iPad is $412. So hurry to grab this bag and enjoy solar charging for your iPad. This Solar bag is available in two colors black and white, matching the colors of ipad.

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