Apple Working On iPhone Air ? [Rumor]

Everyone is trying to present the expected design of new iPhone 5. People are being entertained with a new design everyday. But no one is sure about the exact design of iPhone 5. Here is another such rumor about the design of new iPhone 5. All these perceptions will be revealed with the release of new iPhone5 in the 2nd week of September this year.

These rumors will not stop till the launch of iPhone5. In most of the cases, the artists that love iDevices keep themselves busy in the creation of new designs that can be suitable for devices. This design is presented by the designers of Ciccarese Design.

This design is the inspiration taken from MacBook Air that is famous all over the world for its ultra thin design. There is some reality in this design if we look at the wider screen and the thin design.

I think it is a great design if it will be in production this year or later. But the designer of this concept forgot to put a charging slot at the bottom of this phone, thinking of the wireless charging concept by Apple.

What do you think about this design?

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