Apple Starts Refunding Mac OS X Lion Overcharges

By  at Sunday, July 31, 2011  

Last week, it came to our attention that somehow mistakenly, a lot of people were overcharged when they purchased Mac OS X Lion from the Mac App Store, particularly using their PayPal account. As of now, Apple has started refunding money to all those who were charged for Lion multiple times.

Mac OS X Lion was previewed in June at WWDC 2011 and it brings over 200 new features to the Mac. Lion is the eight major release of Mac OS and is the cheapest of them as well, being priced at only $29.99 and being available for download through the Mac App Store.

It turns out, many users were charged way beyond the customary $29.99. Take one John Christman for example, whose checking account was billed 122 times for Mac OS X Lion and he ended up paying $4,000 for $29.99 software.

Have you been a victim of accidental overcharging for Mac OS X Lion? Do let us know in your comments below. 

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