Apple Recruiting New Staff For Short Time. iPhone 5 Launching in August ?

Apple lacks staff in stores to help the customers? Apple wants to hire some iPhone Sales Specialist for a short period of time in different cities, with the help of recruiter It can be taken into account that Apple wants some extra staff for a short time to release its new iPhone 5. The job will start on August 16 and will end on October 2.

The expected date for the release of new iPhone is in September, but no one is sure about the date. Is iPhone5 releasing on 16th August this year? We know that Apple will never let his new staff work at the stores without any training. So Apple will train them and then let them work at the stores. From this job period, we can make an assumption that iPhone 5 may be released in September.
You can apply for this job if you fulfill the requirements demanded by the company.

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