Apple makes fun of its stringent secrecy in new souvenir t-shirt

By  at Wednesday, July 13, 2011  

For most of us, its a dream to visit Apple HQ in Cupertino California, housed at One Infinite Loop. However, even if we do go there, there's limited access to the visitors and they can't prowl around Apple campus as much as they would like to. Apple is quite secretive about its ventures, and now the company makes fun of itself in their new t-shirt.

As you can clearly see in the image embedded above, the t-shirt reads:
I visited the Apple campus but that's all I'm allowed to say
You can get this t-shirt for a price of $17 from the corporate store at Apple HQ. Apart from t-shirt the store also has a variety of merchandise branded with that ever lovable Apple logo, including but not limited to hoodies, mugs, caps etc. The corporate store only sells souvenirs, so don't expect to buy any Apple device straight from One Infinite Loop.

Love this t-shirt? Its quite classy on its own. Let us know what you think about it in your comments down below.


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