Apple iPhone 4 Prototype is now Available on Ebay for $7,000

Apple iPhone 4 prototype is now available on Ebay. If you want to have iPhone that Apple’s engineers have used for testing then you have a chance of buying it from Ebay. The name of the user who listed the device ‘Apple iPhone 4 black Genuine Apple prototype’ is jtmaxo. The user describes that the device GSM iPhone Labeled with model number XXXXX FCC ID:BCGAXXXXX IC ID: 579C-AXXXXX

Same as with Gizmodo’s iphone 4 prototype, some volume buttons like ‘+’ and ‘-’ labels are missing and also the storage information (XXGB) is not found on the back of the device

Furthermore, the seller stated that the device will not be activated through an AT&T SIM card plugged in through iTunes. Lastly, a ’DF1692′ label, which is known as a kind of tracking code which Apple uses, is shown on the front of the device. No results were found when the seller searched for the serial number on So the question arises that where did the seller get this device?

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