2011 Macbook Air and Mac OS X Lion Due For Release This Wednesday?

By  at Monday, July 18, 2011  

Reports indicate that Apple may be releasing 2011 Macbook Air models and Mac OS X Lion as early as Wednesday. Mac OS X Lion is the eight major release to Mac OS and the 2011 Macbook Air models will come with Intel SandyBridge processors and Thunderbolt ports.

It is being said that these reports are confirmed and that Apple is definitely going to release new Macbook Air line up and Mac OS X Lion, this Wednesday. Previously, at WWDC 2011 Apple revealed that it planned on releasing Mac OS X Lion in July, however we have yet to hear official word from Apple on the new Macbook Air models.

The new Macbook Air models will come with the next generation Intel Core SandyBridge processors. It has also been rumored that Apple is going to increase the SSD storage, bumping up the storage on basic 2011 Macbook Air model to at least 124GB. The new Thunderbolt I/O technology is going to be on board as well as a backlight keyboard.

Mac OS X Lion was previewed at WWDC 2011 and it brings an amazing lot of features to supported Macs. Mac OS X Lion GM build has already been released and there are high chances that Lion could very well be releasing this Wednesday.

We'll be sure to update you as soon as that happens!

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