Will Apple Release Mac OS X Lion On June 14?

By  at Sunday, June 05, 2011  

It is being said that Apple is planning on surprising customers by releasing Mac OS X Lion on June 14. Up till now, Apple has only given a summer release time frame of Mac OS X Lion, without any definite release date. If this rumor is true, Mac OS X Lion will be reaching us on June 14th, 2011.

On the other hand, tomorrow at WWDC 2011, Apple CEO Steve Jobs will take the stage and make announcements regarding iOS 5, Mac OS X Lion and iCloud.

The reason which leads us to believe that Mac OS X Lion is going to release on June 14 is because Apple will minimize software presence in its retail stores on that day, meaning that Mac OS X Snow Leopard will not be found in stores anymore, and we already know that supplies of Snow Leopard have been cut down. Nevertheless, this is just a speculation as Mac OS X Lion will be released via the Mac App Store. But there's no reason for Apple to minimize Snow Leopard supply if it doesn't plan on releasing the next generation Mac operating system.

Let's see if Steve Jobs confirms this rumor, in his keynote speech at WWDC 2011. We'll be bringing you all the updates from WWDC 2011 right here, so don't go anywhere else!


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