This Is Apple's New "Spaceship" Cupertino Campus

By  at Wednesday, June 08, 2011  

Apple had a lot up its sleeve other than Mac OS X Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud. Steve Jobs showed the representations of the new "Spaceship" campus of Apple to the Cupertino City Council, and we are really impressed. Check the images after the jump.

Earlier this year, Apple bought a 150 acres of land from HP, and we know that a new Apple headquarter was coming soon. Given the immaculate designing tradition of Apple, you can see that this campus has been exquisitely designed.

This new campus is going to house around 12,000 people, with an auditorium boasting a seating capacity of 3000. It can very well be used to future events like WWDC.

Steve Jobs has assured the Cupertino City Council that all those trees which will be rooted up for the construction of this building, will be doubled and an apricot garden will also be made, which is a childhood memory of Steve Jobs. Apple also plans on generating its own electricity using alternative methods and eco-fuels, whereas the city grid will only be used for backup purposes.

Apple expects to start construction early next year, and will shift to this campus, hopefully by 2015.


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