T-Mobile USA Is Now Home To 1 Million Unlocked iPhones

By  at Friday, June 24, 2011  

Regardless of the fact that AT&T acquired T-Mobile USA and the latter has confirmed it will not be offering the iPhone, yet, a report claims that T-Mobile USA is now home to about 1 million unlocked iPhones in the USA.

However, a T-Mobile USA spokesman has revealed that the majority of the iPhones on the network are older generation iPhones such as the iPhone 3G and 3GS. Nevertheless, more daring iPhone owners have cut their existing T-Mobile SIMs in order to use them as a home made micro-SIM for the iPhone 4. T-Mobile USA currently does not offer micro-SIM for the iPhone 4.

Also, iPhone 4 owners won't be able to capitalize on the 3G or 4G data speeds offered by T-Mobile as difference in radio frequencies of AT&T and T-Mobile exist. So if someone bought an iPhone from AT&T on contract but unlocked it to use T-Mobile, they won't be able to get high data speeds. On the other hand, Apple has now begun to sell officially unlocked GSM iPhone 4 at Apple Retail Stores in the US.

When the T-Mobile USA spokesman was asked whether or not the company intends to officially release micro-SIMs, it was said that they are under production. When asked about a possible T-Mobile iPhone release, no comments were made.


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