Fling Mini Joystick for iPhone and iPod touch released

By  at Sunday, June 05, 2011  

If you love playing games on your iPhone and iPod touch, then you're going to love the analog Fling joystick. Ten One Design has released the Fling Mini Joystick for iPhone and iPod touch. Previously, Fling joystick was released for the iPad.

iPhone gaming is all about precision maneuvering, and Fling mini gives you this crucial advantage. As you control a game with Fling mini, it pushes gently back towards the center position. This haptic feedback guides and stabilizes your gameplay, making every action more accurate.
Ten One Design has also released Fling joystick for iPad. Overall, the Fling joystick has received good reviews because it makes particularly playing FPS games on the iPad a breeze. Even Apple likes the Fling joystick, and has started selling it in retail stores in the US since May.

You can pre-order the Fling Mini joystick for iPhone and iPod touch from here for a price of $24.95. The iPad Fling joystick can be ordered from here for only $19.95.

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