Check What Apps Mac OS X Lion Supports Using RoaringApps

By  at Friday, June 24, 2011  

Apple revealed Mac OS X Lion at WWDC 2011 and we have got to say that it is exciting. We can't wait for Mac OS X Lion release. However, one must think about all the apps that would lose compatibility when Lion goes live. So how to check which apps are going to be compatible with Lion? We've got the answer here.

Also, yesterday, Apple made Mac OS X 10.6.8 available for download which prepares your Mac machine for Mac OS X Lion. It has been speculated that Lion will release next month.

The reason which leads us to believe that Mac OS X Lion is going to release on June 14 is because Apple will minimize software presence in its retail stores on that day, meaning that Mac OS X Snow Leopard will not be found in stores anymore, and we already know that supplies of Snow Leopard have been cut down. Nevertheless, this is just a speculation as Mac OS X Lion will be released via the Mac App Store. But there's no reason for Apple to minimize Snow Leopard supply if it doesn't plan on releasing the next generation Mac operating system.

So its better that you check which apps are going to be compatible with Mac OS X Lion. To do that, just head over to the RoaringApps website and it will show you a detailed lists of apps supported by Mac OS X Lion.

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