White iPhone 4 : NOT Thicker than Black iPhone 4 - Modified Rear Camera

By  at Monday, May 02, 2011  

In a try to find an Interpretation to the long-delayed launch of the white iPhone 4. Japanese blog has noted some differences between black and white iPhone 4.

Apparently that Apple modified the camera sensor:
Apple seems to have modified the camera sensor in the white version, opting for a slightly different module that likely carries almost identical specs to the one used in the black version. It is unclear, however, whether the change was made specifically to deal with issues related to light leakage reportedly affecting camera performance, one of the more popular targets of rumors regarding the device's delayed launch.
Proximity sensor also modified in white iPhone 4 :
The report also notes that the proximity sensor has been modified in the white models, although no details on the changes are included. The proximity sensor has been one of the chief areas of focus on the device, given Apple's obvious redesign of the iPhone's front plate in the area of the sensor, shifting from a grille of tiny holes in early renderings and samples of the white models to a single black window in the shipping versions.
On the other hand, Phil Schiller -Apple marketing chief- has sent a message on his Twitter disputing claims regarding white iPhone 4 increased thickness which claimed by some users last few days.
It is not thicker, don't believe all the junk that you read
Consumer Reports' caliper measurements of iPhone 4 thickness

Comparison showing white iPhone 4 thicker than black

We can conclude that difference may be an issue of quality control with some phones exhibiting the difference while others do not.

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