Track Any iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad with Footprints

By  at Tuesday, May 10, 2011  

Now you can track any iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, using Footprints. This app allows you to track and share locations with your friends automatically in real time. Footprints also allows you to check-in to Facebook Places and maps where your Facebook friends are checked in. Footprints is installed on the device you wish to track and said device is then easily spied upon using another iOS device.

Footprints Features
  • Designed to sync seamlessly between your iPhone and iPad.
  • Ability to share your current location manually at any time.
  • Tracks movement throughout the day and logs waypoints without user intervention.
  • Lets you share your tracked waypoints by granting specific permissions.
  • Runs in the background without draining your battery.
  • You can even configure Footprints to log your location every few minutes.
Footprints is available via App Store and is being sold for $2.99 after trying it for free 60 days. Y

Download Footprints for all devices [iTunes Link]

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