iOS Leads Online Video Streaming In Q1 2011

By  at Wednesday, May 25, 2011  

The numbers indicate that Apple's mobile platform, iOS, dominates online video streaming. 80% of the people used their iOS devices to stream videos online in the first quarter of 2011, it has been learnt.

The report which has been complied by video monetizing startup FreeWheel clearly shows that the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch have been used by 80% of the people to stream videos online.

To be specific, 30% used the iPhone and iPod touch whereas the remaining 20% used the iPad 2. That makes 80% users watching videos online through iOS. As far as the left over 20% is concerned, that amounts for Android devices plus other platforms being used to watch online videos.

Hands down, iOS is the most loved platform that people use for watching online videos. According to FreeWheel, the only thing in between total domination from iOS is the fact that television networks use direct streaming which is not available on iOS devices as of now. When that becomes available, without a doubt, the iOS devices will be used by all of the people for watching their favorite content online.

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