iPad 2 Jailbreak - Why it's Difficult ?

By  at Sunday, April 17, 2011  

Update : JailbreakMe 3.0 Released to Jailbreak iPad 2 , get it now - Click Here.

Why iPad 2 Jailbreak is difficult. As you know that iPad 2 still doesn't have a jailbreak. Ever wonder why that is? Well, it seems that the iPhone Dev-Team and the Chronic Dev Team have been taking a look at it, both MuscleNerd and p0sixninja are working hard to find an exploit to bring jailbreak to iPad 2, but things have been tough.

Here are some of hackers tweets:

So far, our tests have shown my theory might be right :( (Once the A5 bootrom is off, it stays off until power cycle)
And another from MuscleNerd:
the bootrom is actually inside the A5, so that would require some very advanced decapping and optics
While p0sixninja added today:
Wow, I guess @MuscleNerd was right. BootROM just isn't there... Guess I gotta go HAM on Apple now.
Bottom line is this is going to take quite a bit of reverse-engineering in order to get it to work. Apple is making it more and more difficult to jailbreak their devices. That said, if anyone reading has some knowledge that can help them out, it may be a good time to lend a hand.

Getting the iPad 2 jailbroken would mean that we are one step closer to jailbreak all the rest of the Apple iDevices coming this year including iPhone 5, iPod touch 5G or any new form of Apple TV they may introduce. We will see what happens, but at least now you know what the holdup is.

Important Note : If you own iPad 2 running iOS 4.3, you have to keep it and don't upgrade to upper versions, as the upcoming iPad 2 jailbreak may land at the beginning on iOS 4.3. Please let your friends know this important advice.

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