Save 4.3.1 SHSH with TinyUmbrella 4.30.05 - iPhone / iPod / iPad

By  at Sunday, March 27, 2011  

Notcom has released TinyUmbrella 4.30.05 for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G, iPad 2 and iPad 1 to support iOS 4.3.1. TinyUmbrella doesn't support Verizon iPhone 4 as iOS 4.3.1 still not available for it.

TinyUmbrella now supports 4.3.1 for the relevant devices. Currently only iPhone 4 for verizon does not have 4.3.1 support (as there is no 4.3.1 available for the verizon iphone). Enjoy!
For who don't know TinyUmbrella :

Q: What is TinyUmbrella?
A: It does two things:
  • Requests SHSH signatures for firmware restores
  • Plays back those signatures enabling iTunes to continue the restore
Q: What is an SHSH?
A: An SHSH is a secure signature hash. Basically its a unique key. (To avoid a lengthy discussion).

Q: Why do I need SHSHs?
A: Apple only allows you to restore to the firmwares they 'sign'. This 'signing' only lasts for a limited time. Once they stop 'signing' the SHSHs for a firmware, there is no way to restore that firmware ever again.
With TinyUmbrella 4.30.05 you can save iOS 4.3.1 SHSH blobs for iPhone 4, 3GS, iPod touch 4G, 3G, iPad 2 and iPad 1.

Download TinyUmbrella 4.30.05 for Mac
Download TinyUmbrella 4.30.05 for Windows

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