Safari and IE8 Hacked at Pwn2Own, Chrome still Safe

By  at Thursday, March 10, 2011  

Just a few minutes before Pwn2Own contest, Apple released Safari 5.0.4 along with iOS 4.3. At the contest, MacBook Air and Safari 5.0.4 pwned in five seconds. Vupen said “We pwned Apple Safari on Mac OS X (x64) at pwn2own in 5 seconds,”. That, at least, is better than it fared in 2008.
Besides, Internet Explorer 8 was taken down by Stephen Fewer, who used three separate vulnerabilities to get out of Protected Mode and crack that browser's best locks.

Google made a proud challenge as it said it'd pay $20,000 to any team or individual who could successfully hack Chrome. Till now it's still safe but we're waiting for more! [Engadget, 9to5mac, ComputerWorld]

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