iPhone 5 Prototype Leaked ! Larger Screen

By  at Sunday, March 20, 2011  

As noted by Macrumors, that Hardmac posted a promotional image for cases which considered to be produced to fit iPhone 5, you can see that the design refers to little change in the form factor and placement of physical features if we compared with iPhone 4.

iPhone 5 with larger screen
As long ago as early January, photos and video of what was claimed to be the stainless steel antenna band from either a fifth-generation iPhone or a CDMA iPhone 4 surfaced through a parts supplier. While the antenna design and slight shift in the placement of several physical features seen on that part did turn up very soon after in the CDMA iPhone 4, the part in question also contained a SIM-card slot that is not needed or present on the CDMA iPhone 4. Consequently, it seems likely that the part may be a genuine fifth-generation iPhone part using almost the exact same design as the iPhone 4.

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