How to Change Default Search Engine in Safari - iPhone / iPod / iPad

By  at Friday, March 25, 2011  

Do you want to change Safari's default search engine on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad? Well, as mmost of you know that Google is default search engine,  so if you want to change from Google to Microsoft Bing or Yahoo search engine then you can do it easily. Simply follow the below step by step instructions which lets you able to change Safari’s default search engine.

How to change Safari’s default search engine

STEP 1. Simply tap on "Settings" from the home screen.
STEP 2. Now you have to tap on "Safari".
STEP 3. Now tap on "Search Engine".
STEP 4. Now simply choose the new Search Engine and then quit settings.

That’s it. You should note that until you change it again, your selection will remain the default Search Engine. In this way you can change Safari’s default Search Engine on your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

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