Dev Team is working with i0n1c’s untether exploit

few minutes ago i0n1c, The iPhone Dev Team is now currently working with i0n1c’s untether exploit, as mentioned on twitter:

@i0n1c The iphone-dev-team is already beta-testing the untether. So it is up to Them to give you your tool of choice.
@i0n1c Please don't brother the dev-team now. the deal is: if the beta test is successfull, they are free to do whatever they want with it.
If the Dev-Team is working on the Untethered Jailbreak, so we can expect the Jailbreak Monte back again. If you got the SHSH Saved for iOS 4.3b1+ and iOS 4.3 so you can be the lucky one to get the Untethered Jailbreak, if it comes out by The Dev-Team. They will update the Redsn0w. If you don’t got the Beta SHSH so wait for the Chronic-Dev Team to update Greenpois0n, as they are working on it and it will not take them long.

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