iOS 4.3 Final to Release in February 28th?

By  at Tuesday, February 15, 2011  

Are you waiting for iOS 4.3? According to MacRumors, the free access to the new iPad news publication The Daily has been extended for another two-weeks trial period, precisely this period will be ended by February 28th.
With its February 2nd debut carrying a two-week free trial from Verizon, The Daily sparked speculation that a public release of iOS 4.3, and possibly even an introduction of the next-generation iPad, would occur within that two-week period. In particular, one rumor claimed that iOS 4.3 would appear today, a move that appears unlikely to happen given that Apple's usual iOS release time of 10:00 AM Pacific Time has already passed.
What that mean? The Daily is waiting for iOS 4.3 public release which will bring support for the in-app recurring subscription to be used by The Daily. The ending of the trial period means the release of iOS 4.3 for public. Till now I can't confirm this date hundred percent as Apple didn't confirm this officially. We have to wait and see! Stay tuned.

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