4.2.5 Jailbreak Verizon iPhone 4 with SHAtter or Limera1n?

By  at Tuesday, January 11, 2011  

Interesting question to ask! Will the newly released Verizon iPhone 4 be jailbreakable? Well well well, Apple should fix death grip issues in the new Verizon iPhone 4 and to do this, it should port redesigned antenna system so that it works on CDMA network.

As most of you know, Limera1n exploit by iPhone hacker George Hotz can jailbreak any iOS device with the current bootrom so if Verizon iPhone 4 has the same current bootrom of iPhone 4, limera1n can be used to jailbreak it.

However, if the bootrom is different, Chronic Dev Team have their own exploit known as SHAtter which was saved in case if Apple changed the bootrom.

In brief, either Verizon iPhone 4 carries the current bootrom or new bootrom, it'll be absolutely jailbroken once it ships to the hackers. Stay tuned for more information as it comes !

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