SHAtter Exploit May be Burned? What does it Mean for Jailbreak Scene?

By  at Thursday, December 23, 2010  

Let the drama begin! We already knew it's happening, SHAtter bootrom exploit is now leaked and it's between Apple's hands! Which means that we have lost a jailbreak solution for one or more coming iOSs Who leaked it and for why? it's still unclear. What's clear is that Apple is going to patch it Limera1n exploit, and SHAtter exploit together in the new iOS devices :(.

When Limera1n was released two months ago, Chronic Dev Team decided to save SHAtter for next generation devices and don't release it but it seems like pod2g (which was the logical decision), the developer behind SHAtter bootom exploit, has published it in IRC between 15 person as MuscleNerd states , and it looks like that leaker is one of them.
iPhone hacker p0sixninja of the Chronic Dev Team is pointing a blame finger to Musclenerd of the iPhone Dev Team. As Musclenerd concentrates on unlocks, it seems unreasonable to think he’d leak an exploit he would need in order to create an unlock.

There's still some wonders if the real SHAtter code is burned or not as this part of Comex's tweet saying (the real) SHAtter digging further into Twitter shows that maybe a fake exploit was leaked on purpose.
Though we don't know if the real SHAtter is leaked or not, we let you informed when we got more.

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